Christmas Time & Feeling Guilty 🎄


This is a time of year where a lot of you are conscious of putting on the Christmas weight with all the food and booze we’re having 🥂

I now look back at a few years ago where even the thought of having a Brussel sprout would send me into anxiety. Everyone around me having the most amazing time with friends & family and all I was thinking was different ways & tricks to avoid eating. It totally consumed me, I wasn’t present at all.

I feel very grateful for where I am now and how far I have come over the last two years. How my relationship with food has changed so much!

This Christmas I am travelling through Philippines which unbelievably beautiful, with my family! 

We’re having all of the delicious local foods and drinking A LOT of Mango Daiquiris 🍹

It’s so important to be there for those people who are suffering as this is one of the hardest times of the year for them. It all becomes far too overwhelming & takes over your life. We have to be there to support each other all of the way.

I hope everyone had the most amazing Christmas, surrounded by laughter, happiness lots of yummy food and drinks 🥂💛 

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