Fiona Lamb - Hypnotherapist

A bit about you?
I’m a 34 year old hypnotherapist. I work between Harley street and Kensington and specialise I’m anxiety, addictions and eating disorders.
What has your career path been over the years?
I did a degree in business and then worked in the Bank of New York. The corporate world wasn’t for me so I went on to do commercial modelling. Hypnotherapy has helped me so much personally I decided I wanted to retrain to help people so left the modelling world to do so. I haven’t looked back!
What made you want to get into hypnotherapy?
It was the only thing that helped me with my insomnia. Some nights I wouldn’t get any sleep at all and hypnotherapy was the only thing that worked. I didn’t realise at the time I had anxiety. This was years ago when no one talked about mental health. I felt so much calmer and more relaxed I wanted to help other people do the same. 
What have been your biggest highs and lows?
All my clients leave feeling better and saying it’s the best thing they have ever done which gives me a massive high! When I stated I got burnt out taking on too much but these days I’ve managed to find more balance. 
What made you come out and talk about mental health?
Mental health affects everyone and it’s nothing we should be embarrassed or ashamed about. It used to be such a taboo subject and self-help was seen as a weakness. We are so lucky people are so open these days and I hope this continues!
Who have been the key influencers in your life?
My mum. She’s been through so much herself and is so strong. She’s always reading and learning about personal development. We are always discussing new concepts and ideas and she inspires me daily.
My dad was also a big influence. He sadly passed away a year and a half ago but I keep his words close to my heart. He taught me to believe anything is possible and not to worry about failing. 
What do you find helps you the most if you are feeling low/ anxious?
Guided meditations/ self-hypnosis recordings really help to quieten my mind and help me think more logically. I’m making my own app so watch this space!! 
Do you manage to keep a balanced work life with your personal life? How do you wind down in your free time
I ensure now that I always make time to do thing that relax me. When I’m calmer and relaxed I’m more productive and make better decisions. I have just discovered gong baths and I always make time for yoga. Walking my dogs in the fresh air is always one of my favourite ways to feel more grounded. 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
My aim is to keep doing what I’m doing but I hope to reach a wider audience. I’m planning on making online courses, a podcast and an app and I hope in 5 years time I would have done all that!

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