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I grew up in London and I had lived there my whole life, before I had a yearn to travel the world; I now spend my time between the US and the UK. I have a love for all things fashion, fitness and especially travelling. I am a fully qualified personal trainer, social media content creator/blogger and I model alongside too. I love my job, being creative and having amazing opportunities to experience new countries and cultures whilst blogging.

I know you have struggled over the years with your health. What has been your biggest struggle?
For the past 6 years I have been faced with multiple set backs and issues regarding my health. It has caused me to drop out of two different schools, not be able to work a full time job and miss out on many occasions and experiences. One major struggle is not being able to travel to certain countries, due to lack of health resources available and the risk of getting sick.
Have you always been into health and fitness?
Even since the age of 10 I competed in track&field and cross-country, for both my county and throughout school. As I grew up I started running for an athletics club, which took my level of training higher. I studied sports science for A-level, which made me realise how interested I was in the anatomy of humans and the biological side to sports. This eventually led to my love for the gym and taking HIIT/circuit classes, which motivated me to develop my own fitness concept and regimes.
After I dropped out of school due to being sick, I decided to channel my energy into something positive and studied to become a personal trainer. I extended my learning with other online programs such as Precision Nutrition alongside to have a more developed knowledge of nutrition in sports.
How have you managed to stay positive though bad times?
Honestly, no, I have faced some really hard / low times and lacked faith especially in being able to live a normal teenage life. However, my friends and family were extremely supportive throughout which helped. Mindset is so important, and it definitely controls more internally than you think. I find exercise really helps me clear my mind of any stress /worries and have a more positive vision towards life even at the worst of times.
You travel a lot, where is your favorite place? Could you imagine moving abroad?
I find this such a hard question to answer, as I’m such an adventure seeker. I love travelling and exploring new places. I spend most of my summers in Greece and it will always hold a special place in my heart! Honestly, I can definitely see myself moving abroad in the future as I love the sunshine, and winters in London are too cold for me! London will always be my home, so I’d like to have my base there regardless.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
In the next 5 years, I would love to be running my own fitness boutique gym, running classes / small group training and also have my own line of fitness retreats, based throughout Europe and eventually worldwide!
If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what could you see yourself doing?
Currently, I live the dream, working for myself in a job, which is a passion of mine, so it never feels like work. If I wasn’t a personal trainer, I would have liked to go into the photography world and shoot content full time. I still do a lot of photography and content creation for brands whilst I travel, as I love being creative.
Do you manage to keep a balanced work life with your personal life? How do you wind down in your free time?
Yes, and I think this is extremely important. When you’re driven to succeed it’s so important to not forget to take time out for yourself and to reflect on how you’re living, your productivity and health. I never used to do this and I would lose motivation and lack mental clarity. I realised it is so important to have a balance, it’s great working hard and a lot, but having a life and time away from your phone/laptop in the fresh air is just as important. My wind down time is usually in the gym or a dog walk and if I’m having a day off exercise, a good Netflix series or movie day is perfect too!

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