Managing Anxiety


For me anxiety was something that I never had in the past.

When I developed anorexia, anxiety kicked in massively, to start with it was so bad that I couldn't leave my bed.

I was put on medication to calm it down for a while, which to start with complexly knocked me out. I didn't feel like I was in my body and was zoned out 24/7.

I also learnt some ways to manage my anxiety when it got bad. 

Obviously everyone is different and you have to find what works for you.


Some of the things that I have really found that help are:


Long walks, without my phone or any distractions.

(I am lucky that I live near a big park so being around nature and completely taking myself off helps massively).


Exercise, working out & clearing your mind.

Letting off all the endorphins, I really find that doing exercise every day clears my mind and really helps me mentally.


Meditation, with headspace.

It calms me down if I suddenly feel really overwhelmed it grounds me and brings me back into my body instead of my mind running at a million miles an hour.


A refreshing cold shower.


Making a list of everything that I am grateful for, it is so easy to get caught up with life and then to make a list and go over everything that you're grateful for really makes you appreciate everything, even the smallest things in life.

Surrounding yourself with positive & uplifting people. This is probably the biggest thing, I realised that to keep my mental health happy & stable I now just surround myself by encouraging & happy people.

When I feel low & anxious I go straight to those people and just talk to them. Even just sitting with them and knowing how amazing & important they are in my life calms me immediately.


I would absolutely love to hear how you deal/ manage anxiety?

Everyone is so different and there are so many unique coping mechanisms!

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  • Tim Clark: August 21, 2019

    Meditating , walking in fresh air, swimming and writing a list of all the good things in my life.

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