Platter London & Klara Fine

Oro X Platter London
Platter London created the most amazingly delicious sweet platter for Oro's summer pop up at Core Collective.
All of the platters are carefully designed and created with the most beautiful finishes of the finest detail and touches.
We couldn't be more grateful and highly recommend Platter London.
About you
I’m Founder and Creative Director at Platter London. We design, create and deliver our beautifully presented food platters to corporate and private clients in and around London. I’m 22, I live in London, and I spend most of my time obsessing over platters!
What made you want to start Platter London?
I was in my final year of Uni in Manchester studying Fashion Marketing, and I had to start thinking about life after graduation. I enjoyed my degree but my heart just wasn’t in it. My passion has always been for food, in particular food styling and beautiful food in general, and so the idea of Platter London was born. I realised there was nothing quite like it in the UK, and knowing that I wanted to work for myself, I jumped right in and started creating my beautiful platters.
What has been your biggest breakthrough moment so far?
Designing, renovating and opening up our coffee shop in Kensington was definitely a huge moment for me. We have the coffee shop on street level with our platter kitchen beneath it, where we create all our platters. Also, working with huge global brands such as Facebook, Topshop, and Nike has been amazing!
Where do you see yourself and Platter London in 5 years time?
Taking over the world! Just kidding, but I do plan for Platter London to be the number one premium catering service in London and hopefully across the UK. A big team, more premises, a fleet of delivery vans (we currently only have one) and a long long list of happy clients are what we’re aiming for.
Have you always wanted to start your own company?
Yes, I’ve always known I wanted to be my own boss. I come from a very entrepreneurial family and so I was always keen to be the same. Also, I love having the creative freedom to do whatever I want. I wouldn’t be able to do it without my incredible hardworking team though!
If you wouldn’t have started Platter London what else would you be doing right now?
Probably travelling the world!
What would be on your perfect platter?
Chocolate coated strawberries, cherries, truffled Brie, and charcoal crackers.
What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Trying to do everything at once! I have to try and wear so many different hats at the same time: keeping on top of the finance, marketing, sales, customer service, food prep, platter deliveries, and so much more.
Do you manage to keep a balanced work life with your personal life? How do you wind down in your free time?
This is something I have really struggled with in the past 18 months since starting Platter London. I found it really hard to put all my focus into my business, as well as getting enough sleep, spending time with family and friends, getting enough exercise, and having time to just chill. I am getting better at it though, with the help of my brilliant supportive team. Having two full days off at the weekend really helps, as well as going to gym classes and switching off my phone at night.

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