Reality of gaining weight


When people say 'gain weight' people often automatically think it’s really easy. 
However when you have restricted yourself so much it is extremely hard.
I feared food, even the thought of a small piece of cucumber made me go into tears let alone anything that I needed to eat to actually make me gain weight (these foods  I would have never even considered).
I also learnt that you have to eat A LOT to gain that much weight (It turned out to be a full time job).
I started off slowly eating foods that I was comfortable with (safe foods), those slowly became more normal.
Then over time I introduced and experimented with more food especially ones that were high calorie in a small amount so that I didn't have to eat as much of it.
Your stomach shrinks so having large meals just isn’t realistic. I had to eat lots of regular small meals especially at the beginning.
To start with I was basically house bound so that I wasn't burning any fuel whilst also eating every half an hour / an hour to get in all of the food that I needed in a day.
With the help of an amazing recovery dietician I managed to gain my weight back to a healthy level.

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