Strong not skinny



This is my first post about my recent journey and the launch of Oro.

During 2018 I struggled very badly with anorexia.

On the outside I was still my happy bubbly self, full of energy, however on the inside I was miserable, anxious and very insecure.

I certainly wouldn’t be where I am without the support and love from my family and close friends.

I am now so grateful for everything that I have learnt and where I am in life as well as even more of an appreciation of the people around.

I am the biggest believer that everything happens to you for a reason, even the worst things that get thrown at you.

I have come out a stronger person, more determined and motivated.

Most importantly I am grateful for the position that I am in now and how far I have come and now want to provide a supportive community around building body positivity and self confidence.



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