My Story



From a young age I have been very fortunate to be able to travel to remote places, visit a lot of wonderful beaches and have enjoyed being in the sun a lot of my life. Time has been spent travelling between London, Mallorca and Cape Town during my school holidays.


Once I finished studying, I started my career in sales for a property development company, which I absolutely loved.  

Unfortunately at the same time I developed anorexia. For quite a long time it was manageable and people didn’t notice, as I wasn’t losing weight that quickly. My exercise routine started to become more and more obsessive and I was restricting myself from eating food. It got to a point where it spiralled out of control quite quickly. In the end my body was running and surviving on adrenaline and I finally hit rock bottom and was told by all the specialists that I had to be hospitalised. At that point my whole world seemed to fall apart as I hadn’t quite realised how serious it had become.


My Dad, knew being hospitalised wasn’t the best approach for me and through a lot of love and nurture he wanted to try and go through the recovery process together. Everyone said that it would be a very hard mountain to climb and had a lot of doubt. My Dad had to put full faith and trust in me in order for this recovery process to actually happen. I knew that if I were to continue with my same routine and habits whilst lying about my exercise and eating it would have been life threatening. Along with a team of specialists we put together a recovery plan. This has been the hardest and most challenging experience of my life. At the beginning my whole body went into shut down and I couldn’t leave my bed and became so emotional.  Gradually with the love and support from family and friends, things became easier but it took a lot of strength and determination. I was so fortunate and lucky to have the most amazingly supportive people around me helping me though every single step.


I have realised it is so important to have a healthy body with a positive body image. I also became aware that I had the strength to achieve my dreams.


The Oro logo was designed and created, whilst going through this whole journey of recovery. I wanted to get matching tattoos of two chains interlocking and being unbreakable with the support from my Dad. The two interlocking chains represent everything that we went though and all of the support and strength that he gave me, with determination and nothing stopping us or getting in the way.


Over the years, much to my brother’s horror, I absolutely loved the smaller and skimpier bikini styles and found that they were the most flattering for my naturally body. I also liked to find bikini tops that gave me that extra boost. It’s been my passion to develop a bikini range that is both flattering to a woman’s body but also elegant. 


Oro was created during my recovery. The swimwear range accentuates and supports in all the right places, making you feel as amazing and confident as possible. The gold chains symbolise the strength we have had and also add an element of elegance and that little extra special touch.