About Us

Oro provides a lifestyle and community, where people are able to feel confident and open with one another.
We provide support and comfort not just in our products, but also in our brand as a whole.
Our bikinis are designed in England and made in Europe.
Made with luxury Italian Lycra and gold interlocking chains (water and heat resistant).
Flattering swimwear to accentuate and support curves in all the right places.
Each bikini has been specially designed and created to enhance your curves in order to make you feel as confident as possible.
A variety of styles from slightly smaller Brazilian bottoms, frilly cheeky styles and full coverage flattering bottoms.
We have collaborated with a number of people who have opened up about mental health and body positivity.
Oro is creating a community to provide as much support for one another whilst trying to encourage body positivity and self confidence.
The Oro team is constantly working hard to come up with new and exciting products as well as providing support and creating a positive community.