Strong not skinny



This is my first post about my recent journey and the launch of Oro.

During 2018 I struggled very badly with anorexia.

On the outside I was still my happy bubbly self, full of energy, however on the inside I was miserable, anxious and very insecure.

I certainly wouldn’t be where I am without the support and love from my family and close friends.

I am now so grateful for everything that I have learnt and where I am in life as well as even more of an appreciation of the people around.

I am the biggest believer that everything happens to you for a reason, even the worst things that get thrown at you.

I have come out a stronger person, more determined and motivated.

Most importantly I am grateful for the position that I am in now and how far I have come and now want to provide a supportive community around building body positivity and self confidence.



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  • Sara Mastriforte: May 13, 2019

    Very inspiring words to girls and boys, women and men whatever age. Too often we put ourselves through ordeals that aren’t necessary, but which feel right at the time. Learning from these times and accepting help from others, is a huge step. Not accepting that one has an issue is the real demon. I’m sure your words will help many. You look so much better now, with your exterior matching the inner beauty that has always been in your heart. xx

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